The Cappuccini

The “B & B i Cappuccini” is located within the ethnically ethnic Cappuccini district, in the heart of Catania, a few steps from the suggestive Porta Garibaldi, ancient access of the Etna city for those coming from the hinterland.

The structure bearing the name of “B & B i Cappuccini” has been completely restored and although found in one of the most characteristic, popular and chaotic neighborhoods in Catania, about 100 meters from the Plebiscito street, the Cappuccini district resented In the course of its development of the presence of the ancient and homonymous monastic order which was the male of the Order men founded by St. Francis of Assisi, in Catania the Capuchins built their first convent (The third in Sicily) in 1533, near The already mentioned “Porta del Fortino”.

The monastery was short lived, for in 1539 the Viceroy De Vega ordered the destruction to make room for the Bastion St. John, one of the blocks of the defensive wall of the Ethiopian capital. To remedy his action, the Viceroy contributed to the construction of a new convent in the north of Catania, in the area currently occupied by the Cibali district.

In 1633 a third convent was founded, that of S. Maria della Speranza, under the bishop De Torres, near Piazza Stesicoro. The earthquake of 1693 destroyed both convents of the Cappuccini, but in 1898 the fourth convent of the Cappuccini was inaugurated, located in Santa Maria della Catena street.

It is also worth mentioning the construction of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the Cappuccini in Catania at a few steps from Porta Garibaldi.

The “B & B i Cappuccini” as well as its strategic location offers all the services needed to ensure a pleasant and relaxing stay, all rooms and common areas are air conditioned, there is clearly free internet connection and the rooms are bright and airy .

The “B & B i Cappuccini”, apart from the structure, offers the expertise and friendliness of its staff, some of the rooms are also provided with self-contained kitchen, often appreciated by business travelers.